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shades specializes in many salon services

Our mission is to provide you with a permanent color process that is naturally based, non-toxic, and most importantly, 100% ammonia-free. We want you to have gorgeous, shiny hair in less time than traditional ammonia-based products, and with less damage to your hair.

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Shades Features Susan Henry's Natural Color Process a 100% ammonia free, all natural permanent hair color service.

Shades also features:
Haircolor, Highlights, Haircuts, Hair styling, Scalp treatments, Hair extentions, Reflexology, Gloss, All Natural Hair Relaxer, Make-Up, Facial Threading, Manicure & Pedicure.


"After coming out of cancer I won’t take chances with my life.” 
~ Francesca (Cancer Survivor)

“"I use and believe in Susan’s product. The first time I used Susan’s product I felt the difference in my hair, the way it looked and the richness of the color.” 
~ Katari Walker  (Actress and Native American Activist)

More Testimonials

"After trying numerous over-the-counter products that were harsh on my long, fine hair, I resorted to scheduling salon appointments. With my hectic life, this was not only inconvenient but quite costly… and the results were often disappointing. The last visit I was shocked to notice the permanent color washing right out of my roots in just under a week! My stylist couldn't explain it and attempted to re-apply the dye. After sitting in chemical fumes for almost an hour for the 2nd time in a week, you can imagine I was pretty upset when it again washed out a week later! I went on the internet and with a little research figured out I was probably experiencing the growth of some resistant grey/white hair—which was kind of ironic given that my vitamin/herbal regimen in the past 18 months was making my hair grow faster, thicker, and healthier than it had been in years!
A friend of mine had told me about Susane Henry's ammonia-free products. Although I was a little skeptical after reading numerous experts assert that resistant grey was so difficult to cover that I would need a pre-conditioner and would not be able to avoid harsh chemicals, I decided to give Ms. Henry's products a try, based on my friend's recommendation. For less than half of the cost of one visit to the salon (minus the cost and aggravation of driving in to the city) I figured it was worth a try.
I was a little less than thrilled when the instructions stated I'd have to blow dry it apply heat for 5 minutes after applying the dye—I have sensitive skin and an even more particular sense of smell and was worried about the whole process. I'm happy to say I found no reason for my concern. Based on Ms. Henry's advice (she certainly knew more than my previous stylist!) I applied heat for 10 minutes to the roots (especially at my part-line, which is where my hair seemed the most resistant to color) and then applied the remaining dye through the ends of my hair. 3 weeks later and the color still looked great! Of course with the way my hair is growing I'm going to have to re-touch the roots, but I am confident that her product will work a lot better than the root touch-up kits available OTC. And with a small glass bowl I can measure out just the right amount of developer and color that I specifically need, and save the rest for the next application—no wasted product! I couldn't be more thrilled with this natural, healthy and effective product. Combined with the convenience of being able to color my hair on my schedule, ease of use, and cost-savings, Ms. Henry's color products are a smart way to manage and keep healthy hair beautifully.

~ Allyson Saad
What I used: With chestnut brown hair, I opted to try a mix of copper red, medium brown, and dark brown and obtained a medium chestnut color without a hint of orange. Out of three boxes I was able to get 1 full color (all my hair) and a touch-up, with enough left for another touch-up.
Pros: Easy to use and experiment with, no harsh chemicals, no unpleasant odors, effective and long-lasting coverage, no damaged/processed feel to hair after use.
Cons: If you have longer hair (like I do) you will need more than one box of color/developer to cover your entire head. However, after that you can just mix a little at a time to touch up roots without wasting a whole package."



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